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Are you as sick of the constant negativity that floods your social media pages as we are? We spent way too long complaining about the haters, but then we decided to stop complaining and act. We provide our services with the goal of being the change we wish to see. To us, change means uplifting the downtrodden, injecting the prospect of hope to those who could use a little change in their luck, and providing services for those seeking assistance. Our services will not be random giveaway based, but will be more specific to causes around the globe in which we can help get a bigger following to impact the lives of the people involved. For example, a hurricane in Florida wipes out homes and supplies are scarce. We put together a service where we get companies and people willing to help/donate, we take the time to go to Florida and make a video showing the impact everyone helping is making and put together a story to create more awareness on the issue and how important it is to come together to help those in need. At the end of the day, we are all just trying to live well, so why not lift each other up every chance we get? Users can access information on services via links to YouTube videos. We go to places to meet people in need, show the raw shit of what's going on and create as much awareness for the issues as possible. We are no politics, no bs, no bias, just out to help people and get others to help even if they can't be there. We are the platform for positivity and change.

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